VIRGINIABEACH-- Despite the rough and violent weather that dealt out a great deal of destruction, especially near the Oceanfront, tourists seem to still find their way to Virginia Beach.

Michelle Miller and her family drove up from Maryland on Friday and they were worried the weather would be bad.

'We thought it was going to be horrible, thought we were going to be in the entire weekend. We looked at the forecast and we were very worried,' she said.

Jodie Shlieoff and her two children are from San Francisco; they have been in Hampton Roads for a week on vacation and they're still enjoying their time in Virginia Beach, despite Thursday's storm,

'Yesterday (Thursday) we were at the aquarium because it was thunderstorming really bad. We came back to the beach, and whoa!!' But, now that the storm is over, she said: 'We're still doing what we're doing. We woke up today and the beaches were perfect again, she said'

Businesses aren't missing a beat. Employees at Old Time Photos were extremely busy the day after the storm, 'Business is good today actually it's even a little bit busier, everybody who had to go inside because of the storm came out today,' said Sabrina Gavino of Old Time Photos.

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