NORFOLK -- This job of running a lemonade stand may seem like childs play...and it is. However, the team I was training with is from Williamsburg and over the last three years they have raised nearly $10,000 for CHKD! TEN thousand dollars! dollar cup at a time!

Harrison Gilley can do it all and he was giving me some pointers. 'Hard thing is just dealing with the heat. It's really hot,' replied Gilley

I had to be a team player for this CHKD event and that meant wearing the right t-shirt. But the little girl in the green dress was different.

'Would anyone like lemonade?,' barked out Alonna Collamore. 7 year old Alonna Collamare is a cancer survivor and the reason this all-star group works so hard. Just listen to her dad.

'Devastating. I couldn't even describe the feeling we had when she was diagnosed,' said Dustin Collamore. Alonna was diagnosed with Wilms cancer when she was just a baby.

Just listen to her grandad. 'And she was 25 months old. And they had to remove her left kidney. She was in CHKD for 10 days. And that place is a miracle,' said Mike Chapman, grandfather

So one cup at a time kids are out here helping the kids at CHKD! And that's a GREAT job!

So how would I do working a lemonade stand like this?

'You would do pretty good because you're popular. But mostly I think the younger children do the best because people are more attracted to younger kids,' said worker Taylor Hines

800 stands and 100-thousand dollars, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 'And not even just out here in neighborhoods but we also have local businesses and clubs and organizations that also get involved. So it isn't just for kids even though it's kids helping kids,' concluded Whitney Huston from CHKD.

There is still time to take part you can set up your own stand or visit one of the LemonAid locations.

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