You might want to check your wireless bill because there's a good chance it may have charges you didn't authorize. A new Senate report says all four major carriers are doing what's called 'cramming'-- adding fees from third-party companies. Experts say it's a good idea to check your bill carefully and if you see something that you don't understand be sure to ask about it.

Kodak confirms it's in negotiations with several Hollywood Studios to secure commitments to purchase the company's motion picture film. Kodak has seen a dramatic decline in business in recent years as the industry shifts to digital technology. Kodak's main rival, Fuji film, stopped making motion picture films in March of 2013.

Looking for the most unhealthy breakfast you can get at a chain restaurant? One consumer group say that would be the Bruleed French toast at the Cheesecake Factory. It's nearly 2,800 calories. Red Robin's Monster Meal wins the category when it comes to lunch or dinner. The burger, fries and salted caramel milkshake add up to more than 3,500 calories!
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