American Airlines is pulling its fares from Orbitz after the two companies were unable to reach a new agreement. US Airways, which has merged with American, will also pull fares from the travel website on September 1. American pays Orbitz for flights that passengers book on its site and claims the relationship has become too costly. But Orbitz for business, the site portal for corporate clients, will still list flights for American and US Airways.

General Motors is expected to announce new vehicles and new jobs today at a factory complex in Tennessee. That plant will likely get new Cadillac and GMC Crossover SUVs, in addition to its current product- the Chevrolet Equinox. If both vehicles are produced at the plant, it could mean 1800 new jobs.

Playing youth sports is getting more expensive. The cost of baseball and softball equipment is up almost 4.5 % this year. Ice hockey is up nearly 5% and lacrosse 5.7%.

Chick-fil-A is expanding it's breakfast menu at select locations around the country. The expanded menu includes chicken and waffles, Greek yogurt and multigrain oatmeal.
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