VIRGINIA BEACH -- A recount has confirmed that Republican Ron Villanueva has won the 21st District seat in the General Assembly.

According to the Virginia Beach Board of Elections, the recount totals were:

Ron Villanueva - 7674

Bobby Mathieson - 7658

The recount gave Villanueva a 16-vote margin of victory. The original count had the margin of victory at 14 votes.

The votes were recounted Monday morning at the Virginia Beach Courthouse. On the courthouse steps, Mathieson conceded the race.

'I called Delegate-Elect Villanueva a few minutes ago to congratulate him on his hard fought victory.'

'I asked for a recount to ensure every single ballot got counted in an open and transparent manner,' said Mathieson. 'The electoral process played out and we now know who won with the most votes.'

Villanueva is out of town on business, but his attorney spoke on his behalf, saying Villanueva is looking forward to serving.
'Until the process was finalized, there was a little bit of leeriness, but he's very gratified the process came to a conclusion.'

Because of the recession, Mathieson says there's a tough battle ahead for whoever goes to Richmond. He asked Villanueva to keep fighting for the working class and those who fight to protect America.

'I asked him to keep those heroes in mind as he goes to Richmond in January. They are the true backbone of our society,' said Mathieson.

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