VIRGINIA BEACH -- Rachelle Friedman and her best friends were having a great time at Rachelle's bachelorette party in May.

The good times ended when someone pulled a prank and pushed her into the shallow end of the pool.

She broke her C-6 vertebrae and is paralyzed from the chest down.

'I knew instantly. I told my friends to call 911, that it wasn't a joke, that we had to call 911,' she said.

The wedding, set for June, was delayed.

Rachelle and fiance Chris Chapman now live in Raleigh, North Carolina and face the future with an upbeat outlook.

'We do as much as we can to maintain the lives that we had ahead of time, it's just different, it's adapted. It may take a little longer to do certain things, but we keep as close as we can to who we are,' Chapman said.

The couple plans to marry once insurance issues are settled.

Meantime, Rachelle has discovered wheelchair rugby and is in Philadelphia this weekend playing in a big Quad Rugby Tournament.

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