VIRGINIA BEACH --- City officials in Va. Beach closeda shelterit opened Sunday eveningto help any residentwho doesn't have power and can make it to Salem High School.

The schoolat 1993 SunDevil Drive, which is off Lynnhaven Parkway, opened at 5:00 p.m. and was closed at 8:00 a.m. Monday due to a lack of occupancy, city officials said.

If you need to use theshelter,officials stress you need tobring food, medicine, bedding and entertainment for children.The shelter will provide bottled water and medical supervision. Also, deputy sheriffs and police officers will provide a secure environment.

The City of Hampton opened a shelter for the homeless Sunday morningat Ivy Memorial Baptist Church on Coliseum Drive. Officials say it will be open through Monday nightfor those who need a place to get away from the cold.

Chesapeake said anyone in the city whoexperiences a power outage and needs assistance with sheltering shouldcall 382-6161 at any time.

Dominion Power reported that 6,000 households in the Eastern region, including sections of Va. Beach, were without power late Sunday afternoon and that extra crews were being brought into help restore power. That number will fluctuate as power is restored.

You can check the outages on the Dominion Website.

Va. Beachofficials said parts of the city, especially in the western sections, wereunder white-out blizzard conditions.

Many roads were alreadyimpassible and many cars had gotten stuck, so drivers have abandoned them. That created hazards as well.

If you are going out, no matter what city you live in, remember to keep extra distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

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