SUFFOLK More than 100 people in Virginia and North Carolina have come forward, saying they've discovered unusual charges on their debit and credit cards after filling up at a Suffolk gas station.

Local police have contacted the FBI, Secret Service and law enforcement in California because that's where many of the unauthorized withdrawals are happening.

Police believe an illegal device called a skimmer was installed on the pump.

If your card is skimmed, your information can be accessed and in some cases a tiny camera is used to capture people entering their PINs.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself.

Do a quick inspection of the credit/debit card machine before using it.

'If any piece is loose, if you see any exposed wires or anything like that, notify the bank or the gas station immediately,' stated Norfolk FBI agent Kevin Rojek.

Authorities also recommend using your hand to shield the keypad when you enter your PIN code at an ATM or gas station.

'We recommend people check their accounts regularly,' said Rojek.

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