NORFOLK Officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services are trying to determine the safest course of action when it comes to the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Since the garden is so close to Norfolk International Airport, there is concern about the safety of the eagles as well as passengers on planes.

Last spring, two eagles were hit and killed by airplanes in this location.

Wednesday, airport officials told 13News the future of the nest is out of their hands.

'I want to make it perfectly clear that the airport is not a proponent of any particular course of action. We are not telling anybody to take the nest down. That is not what we are doing here,' stated Wayne Shank.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries agrees with findings from a wildlife hazard assessment and are working on a solution that protects public safety and the eagles.

'One of the things that came out in the meeting that was held on June 8th was that this nesting pair, although one of them has been killed, is very territorial. And so in fact they may be keeping additional eagles away from the area,' explained Don Buma with Norfolk Botanical Garden.

On the other hand, the nest is an attractant. Five other eagles have visited the site since the first of the year, according to Becky Gwynn with DGIF.

Last week, DGIF pulled its partnership with the Eagle Cam which has helped people across the world view the birds.

As the future of the eagles' nest is decided, WVEC will continue its Eagle Cam.

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