PORTSMOUTH -- 'Just the way that Isaw her, like, you can't even, like, I can't get that picture out of my mind,' said Nona Watkins, fighting back tears.

Sunday, Watkins' stepfather stepped outside their home on Allen Road in Cradock to bring her 2-year-old Blue Pit Bull, Storm, into the house. A few hours earlier, Watkins had left the dog in a fenced area, hooking a chain to Storm's collar. The chain was not long enough to reach the fence, but somehow it managed to make it there that night. Watkins and animal control officers believe someone pushed or pulled on the chain link, clipping Storm's chain to it.

'When I saw her hanging there, I was just like there's no way. I broke down,' Watkins recalled.'I was mad. I had, like, all kind of emotions, like if you would lose a child. I was angry, you know. I wanted to know who did it. I wanted to hurt them right then.'

No one seemed to hear any unusual noise Sunday night when it happened. Storm would have died somewhere in the range of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Watkins and her family buried Storm just behind the fenced area where she died. Days after her death, a rose, left by Watkins, sticks out of the grave.

'There's nothing will ever replace her, but she was definitely loved while she was here. She was a happy dog,' said Watkins.'I'll just remember her in happy ways, you know.'

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