GLOUCESTER -- A Gloucester family is upset about a new drainage ditch in front of their home.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says the $70,000 ditching work on Farys Mill Road (Route 606)will keep stormwater away from the road.

Kristine Mongillo questions why they're needed since she says there's never been a problem with standing water in the 10 years she's lived there. She says it's causing standing water now, which is creating a mosquito problem.

She calls it a waste of taxpayers' money and she doesn't like the mess it'smaking a mess in her front yard.

She says a county official told her it will be up to her to mow the property on the steep slope.

We were told to go buy a weed eater if we wanted it maintained, Mongillo says in an e-mail.

Mongillo also contends the ditch will be a traffic hazard. She says the narrow street is used by fire trucks, school buses, delivery trucks and farm equipment.

Now there won't be any place for vehicles to pull over, she adds.

VDOT contends a 4-to-6-foot shoulder on each side of Farys Mill Road will not be affected by the work.

VDOTsays crews are into their second of four weeks of work. When it's finished, crews will spend one more week vacuuming debris out of the existing drainage pipes.

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