VIRGINIA BEACH -- The man accused of killing a Norfolk police officer in back in Va. Beach to face charges.

Raymond Lewis Perry was returned to the city Thursday night from South Carolina, where he was serving time.

He was charged July 1 with the murder of Victor Decker, who was found dead by his truck on October 26, 2010. Investigators said he had been a nightclub on Oceana Blvd. in Virginia Beach for a fundraiser. He was off duty at the time.

In a jailhouse interview Friday morning, Perry told 13News he's innocent.

'I'm telling you, right now, I didn't commit it and I'm willing to take a polygraph test for them. It's not admissable in court, but for the family, I'm willing to take it.'

Perry insisted he didn't know Officer Decker, had never met him, had never seen him before and wasn't at the club that night.

'No sir. I'm not even old enough to get into a nightclub. I was 18 at the time,' Perry noted.

Perry was arraigned Friday afternoon as Decker's widow watched. The judge read the charges against him --first degree murder and robbery.

Perry says he can only speculate about how he became the prime suspect.

'I really don't have a clue. I think what's taking place is you've got a bunch of jailhouse informants, liars, who are trying to get time reduced. So, what they do is, they sit there they make up a case on me,' he said.

Perry remains in the Va. Beach City Jail and has a preliminary hearing set for September 21, according to online court records.

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