VIRGINIA BEACH - The Va. Beach Oceanfront is susceptible to erosion from storms like Hurricane Sandy.

Crews are building a 5'x 15' yard sand berm in front of Grommet Island Park on 2nd Street. They expect to have it complete by noon.

'It protects the park, but not only that, if we get flooding through the park, it starts having a ripple effect and it backs up storm, can cause outages and other problems like that,' said Public Works spokesman Drew Lankford.

Berms were built last year to protect the beachfront during Hurricane Irene.

Already on the beach are orange barriers for wind protection.

Off the beach, the city was checking storm drains to make sure they're clear of debris and securing loose objects at the Oceanfront .

Officials said the biggest potential threat facing the resort city is expected to be tidal flooding. The most severe window will be Sunday late afternoon through midnight, they added. Occasional rain will start as early as Saturday morning and be with us through Tuesday. Heaviest rain is expected Saturday evening through Sunday evening. Some areas may receive up to 6 inches of rain.

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