SURRY CO -- Investigators continue to search Monday for a body believed to be buried behind a home in Surry County.

Investigators have been digging in the 12000 block of Rolfe Highway since Saturday morning.

Sgt. Dearyl Anderson said they received a tip that the body of a man killed seven years ago was buried behind the home from a friend of the suspect, who is already in jail on unrelated charges.

Sgt. Anderson confirms that human remains were found three feet underground behind the home.

Authorities expect to finish the digging at the home by Monday evening.

Sgt. Anderson says the suspect used to live in the home, and his family and children still live there.

'We will not release the name of the man killed because family has not been notified. First, we have to positively identify the remains, to make sure we have the right person,' Anderson said. 'Someone lives in the home now. They are being cooperative.'

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