UPDATE: The three were in court on Thursday, August 8. According to the Commonwealth Attorney's office, Raymond Getzinger was given a $10,000 personal recognizance bond and must comply with pre-trial services program
Umar James was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond and must comply with pre-trial services program
Andromeda Lilly was given a $25,000 secured bond
None of them is permitted to care for animals and they cannot have any unsupervised contact with the children.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- 3 children are in the care of their great aunt after Child Protective Services removed them from a filthy, roach-infested home Tuesday.

Police charged their mother, 22-year-old Andromeda Lilly, her boyfriend, 24-year-old Umar James, and her grandfather, Raymond Getzinger with Felony Child Neglect.

Getzinger, who owns the house on Earlston Lane, and Lilly also face charges of Inadequate Care of Animals.

'I'm not a bad mother.I just didn't have anywhere else to go,' said Lilly during an interview at Virginia Beach Correctional Center. 'It's not easy when you're the only one doing it. You're not understanding that. You're just making me look like I'm a bad mother, and I'm not. I love my kids.'

Lilly told 13News Now she had no help in caring for her 1-year-old daughter, 2-year-old son, and 4-year-old daughter or in providing a clean home for them.

She explained her grandmother was a pack rat and that Lilly grew up in that type of environment. She added her grandfather tended to be rough on her (Lilly) throughout her life.

'Everything's always my fault even if I don't have anything to do with it. That's how he always is. He doesn't want to take blame for anything,' Lilly said.

Asked why she didn't at least clean the home and carry garbage out of the house, she replied, 'I'm not the only one that lives there. It's not just my responsibility.'

James, who is the father of 2 of the children (although he said he's not sure if both are, in fact, his), said he had an idea the living conditions weren't good before he moved into the home several months ago, but he didn't know the extent until he was living there.

'The house is (EXPLETIVE) nasty. It's disgusting,' he told 13News Now during a jailhouse interview, 'but I didn't have no place to say anything.'

James, who currently is unemployed, also said, 'I tried to make a big difference by telling her, 'Okay, when I'm at work, this what the (EXPLETIVE) you do. You make the bed. You cook food. You make sure they clean when I get home.' A lot of this stuff could have been avoided, but it's like, I couldn't, it was just me. It was just me. It was just me. It was just me.'

James acknowledged he did not try to contact Child Protective Services at any point, but that he should have made an attempt.

Animal control removed 7 cats, a dog, and a bird from the home which the City condemned.

'I'm a mother of three, myself, and to live in conditions like that, it is gruesome,' said Janice Hoggard who lives across from the house.

'I'm sad that they are separated from the parents, but to know that they are in better conditions and they're gonna be cared for is what's more important, because, at the end of the day, it's about what's important for the kids,' noted Hoggard. You have a home, but it has to be a home that's livable for kids.'

Police said Lilly's grandmother/Getzinger's wife lived in the home, but no one provided her with proper care. She is staying with her brother now, according to Lilly. Adult Protective Services is aware of the situation.

Lilly's father had been living in a minivan in front of the house, with a power supply running to the minivan. She told 13News Now he, also, had no interest in helping her.

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