CHESAPEAKE-- Wendy Stedman is picking up the pieces at her Chesapeake home after it was ransacked by a burglar Thursday morning.

Stedman says someone kicked down her door, rummaged through her house and took off with many high-dollar items, including family jewelry and two video game systems.

'It's just hard because everything's everywhere,' Stedman said. 'Everything was dumped out of every drawer, every bed was turned over.'

Stedman lives at the home with her 13-year-old daughter and fiancee, only the dog was home at the time of the burglary.

Since the burglary, Stedman has had to replace the back door to her house and repair the wall. She also installed a home security system.

'I just feel absolutely violated and insecure and unsafe,' she said.

Chesapeake police say they are investigating the burglary with the help of surveillance video captured by a neighbor down the street.

The video shows a man talking on the phone with a cup in his hand.

Police say the man in the video could be connected to the burglary and is a person of interest.

If you have any information on in the case you can call Crime Line at 888-LOCK-U-UP.

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