NORFOLK -- Two boxes of mail meant for the USS Harry S. Truman were lost at sea on Nov. 27, according to the ship's Facebook page.

According to a post by Captain Bob Roth, 'Due to helicopter downwash, two cardboard boxes of mail that were sent from the US to the ship were lost at sea during an underway replenishment.'

The mail had postmark dates from Oct. 30 until Nov. 20.

Capt. Roth said there is a 'good chance' mail sent from late October until mid-November did not get delivered.

Capt. Roth estimated that nearly 20,000 pounds of mail is received each week during the holiday season and the amount lost was approximately 400 pounds.

'In no way do I dismiss the significance and value of any lost mail, however, statistically, the great majority of the mail that was sent was delivered without incident,' Roth said.

Post by USS Harry S. Truman.
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