If you've ever had your smartphone lost or stolen, you'll want to know about the mandatory 'kill switch' being worked on. Congress is considering whether to require the switch for all new smartphones. The mechanism would block the devices remotely. It would allow you towipe out all your personal data and render your phone inoperable.

You can now addKickstarter to the growing list of companies that have been hacked. While the CEO of the popular 'crowd-funding' website says there is no evidence that credit card information has been compromised, he is still urging users to change their password.

It seems winter weather caused a not-so-rosy Valentine's Day for lots of 1-800-Flowers customers. They complained of wilted, broken and no-show flower arrangements. The company is reportedly still apologizing. So far, it's tweeted out personal apologies to some 400 customers.

If you wish fast food were faster, you might be excited about something Taco Bell is working on right now. The company is planning to go mobile. Taco Bell is testing a new app that will allow you to order with your smartphone. It's a way the company is hoping to help eliminate what they call customers 'menu board anxiety' at the drive-thru.

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