WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Police Chief Cathy Lanier of the Metropolitan Police Department said an adult male body was found within the search area at Kenilworth Park in Northeast, D.C.

The Police Chief said the cause of the death is likely a suicide. 'We did discover a body of an adult (deceased) male. We have not identified the body, or the cause of death, likely is a suicide,' she said.

Sources tell WUSA9's Bruce Leshan that the body found at park 'appears' to be that of Tatum, the alleged abductor of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd. The body was that of an African American male, with a gunshot to the head and a tattoo similar to the photo distributed by police, sources say.

The body was found in the woods in Kenilworth Park in Northeast Washington on Monday afternoon during the search for evidence in the Relisha Rudd case.

On March 1, Tatum was seen with Relisha. The next day, he bought a shovel, extra large garbage bags, lime, which helps accelerate the decomposition of bodies and spent hours at the park. Two-and-a-half weeks later, police say Tatum murdered his wife in an Oxon Hill motel, and disappeared.

Police will continue the search. 'We are not finished here,' Lanier said.

Police say they have used divers, underwater cameras (for wells), overhead aerial surveillance type, hundreds of humans to walk through area by area over seven hundred acres, among other methods during the search.

'We have employed the use of not only hundreds of police officer's and firefighters and we have used a lot of other means to search,' Lanier said.

Eight-year-old Relisha Rudd was last seen on March 1st.

Officers from multiple agencies and jurisdictions have been searching the park since last week, when they learned that Rudd's suspected abductor -- Kahlil Tatum -- spent time at the park. Sources say Tatum bought a shovel and lime as well as extra large garbage bags on March 2nd before spending hours at the park.

Prince George's County (Md.) police are leading the search for Kahlil Tatum, says Lanier. She described it as a 'very aggressive search.' At this time, there is no reason to believe Tatum has left the Metro area, according to Lanier. She asked him to turn himself in.

Kahlil Tatum remains on the FBI's Most Wanted list for the murder of his wife in a Prince George's County hotel. Chief Lanier said last week that he may still be in the Metro area.

Officers are not only focusing in the park, but also following numerous leads and tips in their investigation. One of those leads took them to a Days Inn motel in Northeast D.C. in reference to the case.

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