Microsoft appears to be getting ready to take on Apple. Online reports say the tech giant will unveil a seven or eight inch tablet at its May 20th press event. The smaller version of the Surface tablet will compete with Apple's iPad mini, the Samsung Galaxy tablet and Google's Nexus 7. The new mini Surface has reportedly been in the works for a year.

Twitter is making it easier than ever for users to change their passwords. If you need to reset your account, you can now link it to your cell phone number. Then you can initiate the reset by sending a text message.

Watch out Oreos! The world's first sandwich cookie is making a comeback. Hydrox cookies haven't been available on store shelves in nearly a decade, but Leaf Brands plans to re-introduce them next fall. Hydrox cookies debuted four years before the Oreo. The makers of Hydrox cookies say they may look like Oreos, but they're a little more crispy, a little less sugary and stand up better in milk.

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