DALLAS Dallas police are investigating a shocking attack by a naked man who dove through a car's open sunroof before assaulting the female driver.

It happened Friday evening near the corner of Zang Boulevard and Oakenwald Street in Oak Cliff.

From his apartment balcony, neighbor Marcus Payne shot video of the man as he sat naked in the street below. Payne thought he was capturing the craziest thing he'd ever seen until that man came back into frame.

Nude and with no fear, the man slid arms-first into the open sunroof of a woman's car.

'A naked man jumped in,' she told us, asking us to protect her identity. 'He jumped in my car and he started attacking me.'

Her emotional wounds are still raw.

'He started choking me, pulling my hair, pulling my eyes, and I couldn't do anything,' she said.

As he clawed at her, the car skidded. Dallas police were there and tried to call the man off her, until they crashed.

'I don't know how much longer that attack would have lasted if [the police] weren't there,' the woman said.

Her attacker left in handcuffs for the hospital. Officers suspect he was on drugs.

His victim's car has $3,000 worth of damage she'll have to pay for herself, but that's not the worst part.

'I feel more afraid, more aware of everything around a prisoner,' she said.


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