VIRGINIA BEACH--For more than two decades, a local non-profit group has been serving military veterans who no longer have a home.

Vetshouse, Inc. supplies bed-space to 20 vets at a time over a 12-month period and the group wants to do even more. This year, for the first time, it has begun operating a second home for female military veterans.

But it requires money to pay for property and food, and to provide clean, safe, comfortable housing and support services for homeless veterans.

'Mind you, we don't get any money from the federal government, the state government or the local government,' said Executive director Willard Smith. 'All the money we get comes from donations from people who sincerely care about Vetshouse. I knock on doors on a daily basis, literally begging for assistance for our program.'

Through the years, Vetshouse has rendered aid to more than 800 veterans.

On June 28, Vetshouse is hosting its fourth annual 'Stars and Stripes Affair,' a black tie fundraiser. The organization's leaders say the 'Stars and Stripes Affair' is the most important fund-raising event of the year.

The event takes place at the Virginia Beach Crown Plaza Hotel on Bonney Road, from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. Tickets are $50.

For ticket information, call Willard Smith at 757-724-8614 or Ed Brunot at 757-663-1779.

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