Investors are hoping for some good news this morning with the release of the jobs report. But that still might not be enough to offset yesterday's dismal performance on Wall Street. The Dow had its worst day since February, plunging more than 300 points and erasing all the gains so far this year.

Kellogg's is in need of help. The company is reporting another drop in sales. It seems dieters are not too fond of its Special K cereal. Plus people just don't seem to be sitting down to enjoy breakfast at home like they use to. That's taking a toll on Kellogg's bottom line with the company seeing its fifth straight quarterly decline.

Amazon prime may be known for its free, two-day shipping, but now the company is offering a 'no-rush' option. If you're willing to wait five to seven business days for your package, you will get a $1.00 Amazon instant video credit.

NFL players will have chips on their shoulders this season and it's a good thing. This season,. tracking chips will be placed in shoulder pads to measure how fast and how far the players run. That will give broadcasters and fans a chance to see it in real time.
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