NEWPORT NEWS -- A man accused of killing his wife and three stepchildren in August 2011 was in court Thursday. After hearing about the evidence, the court decided there was enough for the case to go to trial.

36-year-old John Moses Ragin allegedly stabbed his wife, Crystal, and three children-- six-year-old Lakwan, 10-year-old Rasheed, and 15-year-old Sierra. Their bodies were found inside their burned apartment in Denbigh on August 19.

Crystal was a sergeant in the Army. Her body suffered 27 stab wounds.

Ragin, who lives in South Carolina, was arrested the next day and was extradited to Newport News to face four counts of first-degree murder.

He has denied having anything to do with their deaths.

Thursday's preliminary hearing was an emotional one. As everyone was leaving the courtroom, someone on the victim's side of the family said out loud to Ragin's sister that her brother was a monster. Deputies ended up having to restrain those involved.

A police officer told the court that Ragin thought his wife was cheating on him. Crystal had obtained a protective order against him, but officers say he hadn't yet been served.

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