CHESAPEAKE-- An adult bear and as many as three cubs are showing up in a Chesapeake neighborhood.

A resident who asked to remain anonymous e-mailed photos to 13News of the bears in the backyard of her Jolliff Woods home on Thursday late afternoon. They were about 30 feet away.

'I tried for 20 minutes to scare this bear away and he just sat there and looked at me,' she told 'I feel they are amused by us.'

She says the bears are out at all hours of the day and her children often see them as they get off the bus in the afternoon.

She says the bears have changed the way the family enjoys the outdoors. She is watchful when the children and their dog are outside

'When we are on walks in the neighborhood with the dog, we are extra careful to look around for bears that may be around. My concern grows by the day about what 'might' happen,' she admitted.

The resident says Animal Control and state wildlife officials give her the same advice - don't provoke them and eliminate food sources around the neighborhood that could be attracting them. But that's hard to do since a neighbor puts out food for wild animals every day, she adds.

Wildlife officials say bears appear in residential areas when natural food supplies are limited, usually in Spring or when nut and berry production is low, so its imperative that bird feeders, pet food, and trash that can attract bears are put away.

They add that it's illegal to deliberately feed bears, even inadvertently.

And officials say if a bear is on or near your property, stay away so it doesn't feel threatened and it should eventually leave on its own to get away from you.

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