PORTSMOUTH---Stop sign runners beware. One Portsmouth woman has taken matters into her own hands.

Sarah Saunders recorded two videos, which show drivers running a stop sign at the intersection of Vick Street and Polluck Circle West, and posted them on YouTube hoping more people would pay attention to the problem.

'It's very frustrating and very scary,' said Saunders. 'I watched as 30 people ran the stop sign in just 15 minutes.'

When 13News contacted Portsmouth police, they responded to the area within an hour, and had an officer at the intersection monitoring the neighborhood.

Officials say since May 2012, there have been 381 vehicle stops in this zone of the city, but there were no reports of any accidents near the intersection.

'I would like to see it stop before something happens,' Saunders said. 'It shouldn't take a tragedy to happen for people to pay attention.'

Click here to watch the Youtube video.

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