NORFOLK- Volunteers from the USSDonald Cook, a Norfolk-based guided missile destroyer, spent their Christmas morning serving in a very different way. Men and women from the Cook spent Christmas morning serving breakfast and handing out gifts at the Union Mission.

Duell and her fellow sailors say it doesn't take much time out of their day to bring some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.

Wearing a Santa hat and passing out gifts, Lesean Rice says his goal was to bring a smile to the face of men who may not have a lot to smile about. 'It's a great feeling ,' said Rice. 'I have a good attitude and I try to bring it out of them.'

Union Mission Public Relations Director, Linda Jones says Christmas can be a very depressing time of the year for those that are homeless. 'Most of the time there's broken ties with family or they don't have family, ' said Jones. 'To see members of the military willing to come out and do something for someone else is a blessing,'
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