UPDATE 3/11: Friends of Briana Luckenbill say they are holding a vigil for the teen on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Kroger parking lot located at 3901 Holland Road.

HAMPTON -- Virginia State Police are trying to find people who witnessed a crash Saturday night that killed 18-year-old Briana Luckenbill.

Luckenbill, who lived in Virginia Beach, was a passenger in a car troopers believe was involved in a street race on Interstate 64. That race ended with a wreck near Armistead Avenue.

Although other people were there, none of them have stepped up to help police determine exactly what led to the crash.

'I mean, I get that they're trying to protect themselves from things, but there's a certain line that it crosses, where you just need to step up and take your punishment for what you did wrong,' said Luckenbill's close friend, John Esposito. 'Her mother, and her father, and all her good friends are sitting there, wanting to find an answer of what happened, 'cause we're all kind of in a dark place that we really want to come out of and find peace for it.'

Esposito and others remember the Kempsville High School graduate as an extremely caring person who shared a love of cars with them.

'Cars aren't really toys. They're vehicles that weigh tons that can potentially really hurt you,' Esposito noted, hoping others will learn from his friend's death. 'Fast cars are not made for highway roads, or back roads.They're meant for racetracks.'

State police encourage anyone who was on the interstate Saturday night and knows what led to Luckenbill's death to contact them at 757-424-6800.

Sergeant Michelle Anaya said all calls and witness information will be kept anonymous.

Luckenbill's funeral will take place Saturday. Friends created apage on Go Fund Me to help her family with expenses.

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