VIRGINIA BEACH -- Parents, students and teachers are upset to learn about the sudden closing of Baylake Pines School on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

School director Joan Eckert announced on the school's facebook page Tuesday that Baylake Pines would shut down. This includes both the Upper and Lower schools.

Now, parents are scrambling to find another school for their children to attend.

School employees told 13News Now they expect an announcement tomorrow explaining the closure.

Parents said the closure had been rumored for weeks and they believe the director made the decision based on financial reasons.

The news has several concerned parents posting on Facebook.

'My god this feels like a dream. I can't believe this is really happening. It feels like I'm losing a friend,' Daniel Haddock wrote. 'Despite what happens everyone will go on knowing they've affected hundreds and thousands of people's lives creating more than just a ripple effect.'

'What has made Baylake so special for us is the love, the training, the mentoring that has framed and developed each of them,' Sonny Morrison wrote.

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