HAMPTON -- The YH Thomas Community Center hosted its second annual 'Feed the Needy Feast' on Thanksgiving day.

Volunteers spent the afternoon serving up turkey and Gravy with all the trimmings to people in need.

The event is part of a unique partnership with the Elton Brown Foundation in Newport News.

'I think it's wonderful a lot of people need a place to go, the need has changed. It's not just homeless or alone it's people who are making decisions to eat a good thanksgiving meal, eating for the month or eating alone. This is a very rough time for people who have experienced a loss or live alone. So they can come here have a good meal and have some good company as well,' says Synethia White of the YH Thomas Community Center.

Organizers say they were very happy with the Thanksgiving turnout, and they plan to offer the free meal again next year.

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