NEW YORK -- To see Sharyn Alfonsi today compared to how she looked when she worked at 13 News in the mid 1990's, you might think it's two different people. At 13News she was a short-haired blond. Now she a brunette who's working for ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer.

Her career isn't the only thing that's expanding. Alfonsi says her personal life has too. 16 months ago she became a mother.

Wyatt is the apple of her eye. She says he and her husband Matt help her keepeverything in perspective.Alfonsi says being a mother is ajob she absolutely lovesand is terrified by it at the same time.

'ForgetIraq, Afghanistan,Gaza whereI was scared. This is honestly the most terrifying thing ever andIreally am just now tryingto figure it allout.'

So how did Alfonsi get from Norfolk to New York?Wellher husband Matt's Navy career brought her here to Hampton Roads and she says it's also the reason she left.

'He was a surface warfare officer so we had toeither go toSan Diegoor Seattle, soI went to Seattle.'

From there, they were off to Boston when Matt switched careers. She thought she would eventually come back to the Virginia area, but then Alfonsi says the Network came calling.

'There are still moments today where i just pinch myself where I'm like I can't believe I'm here and I'm like who have I fooled.'

It's obvious that talent not trickery has gotten Alfonsi to where she is now. So where does she go from here? Alfonsi says she's stillnot sure.

While she figures it out, we can keep watching her nightly on World News with Diane Sawyer right after 13 News at Six.

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