What is it? a collapsible seat that fits into a handy carrying case

What does it claim? that you can take a seat anywhere with 'the chair that fits in your pocket'

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and busy mother Eliza Neff

What Are The Instructions? To open the Pocket Chair, you need to first remove the chair from the carry case. Then you pull open until the chair is fully extended and upright. Next, fasten the safety lock on the bottom of the chair. Keep in mind that, over time, the nylon straps may stretch and the position on the lock will have to be adjusted accordingly.

Once it's locked in place, turn the chair upright position and it's ready for use. But before you sit down on it be sure the chair is locked into position.

It's important to note the Maximum weight for the Pocket Chair is 250 pounds.

Did it work? Our tester, who is 6'2.5' tall, thought it was a little too short for her. But she did say that in a pinch if she really needed a place to sit down and didn't want to sit on the ground she would definitely use it. She also thought it would be really useful for folks attending a sporting event to take with them when there's nowhere to sit.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Amazing Pocket Chair at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10.

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