What is it? A sunshade that attaches to the car window with suction cups.

What does it claim? To have a patented heat alert system that tells you when your car interior is too hot.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and new mother Kristina Griffith.

What Are The Instructions? It's pretty simple. Basically you first need to attach the shades to the car window. First you should clean the interior window surface and the suction cups. For best results it's recommended you use alcohol and dry it with a clean cloth and moisten the suction cups before use.

Then position the shade near the top of the window and press firmly to secure the suction cups.

To open the shade you need to use the handle to pull the shade to the desired location. Press the handle's suction cups firmly against the window to secure. Once the shade has been in place for one minute, check the logo. If the word 'hot ' appears, allow the car to cool until the original color returns to safety logo.

To roll up the shade, just lift the handle to release the suction cups from window. Push and release the two-step release button to adjust. Push and hold the two-step release button to roll up all at once.

If you need to clean the shade, all parts can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Just let the shade dry completely before rolling it up.

Did it work? Our tester was not impressed. It seems her patented Heat Alert System was not working properly. Even after parking her car in the shade and putting the Air Conditioner on full blast, the shade still read that it was hot inside. The other concern she had about the product was how distracting she found it to be when she was looking out her window trying to back up. She was worried that it might create several blindspots for her if she were trying to change lanes.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase a set of two Munchkin Safety SunBlock Shades for $8 at area Wal-mart stores.

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