Audience member Erin's father had heart surgery and asks Dr. Oz if heart (coronary artery) bypasses run in the family.

Dr. Oz prefaces his answer to Erin by stating that heart disease and other heart ailments can have a variety of causes: smoking, being overweight, and high cholesterol. Dr. Oz further states that if a first degree relative under the age of 60 has had heart surgery, one has to be very aggressive in making sure that the risk factors are ok. People over the age of 60 with heart problems are mostly not caused by genetic issues.

Audience member Mary, who is a runner, asks Dr. Oz how magnetic bracelets work.

Dr. Oz informs the audience that there is an argument made for these bracelets which claims there is an electric charge within them that will generate a charge within the person that is wearing the bracelet. Dr. Oz claims that he has looked at this technology carefully and has been unable to substantiate them working as described.

Dr. Oz goes on to say, despite what some people state who wear the bracelets and believe in their technology, he suggests that people like Mary who are runners should instead spend their money on healthy food and better shoes for results.

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