NORFOLK -- The guided missile frigate USS Carr returns to Norfolk Tuesday, wrapping up a five-month deployment.

The ship has been in the Baltic and Caribbean Seas. The Navy says Carr's mission was to strengthen bonds with partner nations and to combat organized crime.

USS Carr conducted joint exercises with navies of the Baltic States, including Poland, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia. She participated in the annual International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg, Russia, embarked multinational ship riders from five countries and hosted events on behalf of the U.S. embassy.

Commanding officer Cmdr. Patrick Kulakowski said the exercises were a great opportunity for the ship's crew. 'Our interactions with both civilian and military personnel allowed my sailors to experience many cultures and build understanding. I believe a critical part of building enduring partnerships starts with establishing a fundamental understanding between our people,' said Kulakowski.

While operating in the Caribbean, the Carr team supported the interdiction of vessels suspected of smuggling drugs to Central America.

Carr deployed from Norfolk on June 14.

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