VIRGINIA BEACH -- There is a loud buzzing noise that comes from Cindy Johnson's antenna as it rises, once she turns on her car radio.

'We have not had music in this car since this happened, because that sound is so annoying, it's not even worth listening to,' said Johnson.

Everything was fine until Johnson took her Toyota Sequoia to Car Spa on Holland Road in Virginia Beach for an oil change that came with a free car wash.

She tells 13News that she made sure the antenna was down and the radio was off. But when her car was returned, the antenna was toppled over and broken. So Car Spa replaced it, but the noise continued, and Car Spa replaced it a second time. Much to Johnson's dismay, the noise continued. Her next stop was the dealership, Checkered Flag Toyota.

'They said the antenna was not the correct antenna and it stripped the gears in the motor, so the noise that it's making is the motor stripped and now it needs a new motor as well as an antenna,' explained Johnson who strongly believes Car Spa should pay the $458 to replace the antenna's motor.

But Car Spa disagrees, because in paperwork provided by Checkered Flag identifying the problem, it states an 'aftermarket' antenna wore out the motor's gears. Car spa purchased two Toyota brand antennas from Checkered Flag. The location's manager and the company's president believe the original antenna, that's about seven years old, wore out the gears.

'When we break something, we fix it. That was the second antenna we put in it. We bought two of them and she was very patient and we appreciate that,' said manager Mike Manini. But Johnson says it's too much of a coincidence.

'They absolutely need to replace the antenna and the motor. It was working fine when I drove in there. I came out and it was a mess.'

A service advisor with Checkered Flag told the 13News Troubleshooters that it is possible that when the antenna was broken, the motor could have been damaged. He adds a broken piece of a plastic part at the bottom of the antenna are probably causing the noise.

Still, Car Spa's president, Ralph Guarino says the problem diagnosis on the paperwork is cut and dry and calls the sudden antenna noise an unfortunate coincidence. He agrees to take another look at the problem and promises to pay for any damages that's definitely caused by his employees.

Meanwhile, Johnson rides around without her radio thinking about how expensive her 'free'' car wash was.

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