What is it?a sharpener for all blades, including serrated knives, kitchen shears and scissors

What does it claim? to give you incredibly sharp knives in seconds,giving you the sharpest edge possible on all blades

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident and Pampered Chef Director Tiffany Foreman

What Are The Instructions? Place the Samurai Pro(cq) on any flat non-porous surface making sure the blade adjustment knob is pointing left and the handle to activate the suction cup is facing you. Push back handle to activate the suction cup.

It's important to note that to remove your Samurai Pro(cq) from the surface you just need to pull the handle forward and that will release the suction cup.

To sharpen your knife you need to draw the blade through three to four times in one direction making sure the knife handle is coming toward you.

Use the blade adjustment knob to adjust blades to easily sharpen any knife, kitchen shears or scissors.

Try not to bear down and use too much pressure when sharpening. Although some pressure is needed, too much pressure can lessen the life of the blades. You should hear a steady grinding sound when you are using the correct amount of pressure.

To extend the life of your Samurai Pro(cq) occasionally change the grinding area of the tungsten-carbide sharpener. This can be done by turning the blade adjustment knob to loosen the sliding blade.

Did it work? Our tester was pretty impressed. Since Foremansells kitchen tools, she has a lot of knives she uses. She doesn't sharpen her knives very often. In fact, she says she usually has that done by a professional. But being able to do that in her own home and being able to adjust the Samurai Pro(cq) to work with whatever knife she needs to sharpen really impressed her. She said the whole process was easy and she especially liked how sturdy the suction cup made it. She said it gave her confidence when sharpening her knives.

Her favorite feature of the Samurai Pro(cq) is that she can also sharpen her kitchen shears with it. She says she's never had a way to do that before.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Samurai Pro(cq)f or $14.99 at area Rite-Aid stores.

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