NORFOLK -- In his latest segment of Joe's Job, 13News anchor Joe Flanagan decided to look into the world of Elite Seats.

They are a local port-a-potty company that has 1,000 units that get rented out for events, construction sites, Navy piers and other activities.

It's a dirty job but, as they say, 'Somebody has to do it.'

After all, when nature calls, well, someone has to answer that call. Especially at the recent Wine Tasting at Town Point Park put on Festevents.

'Yes. Yes. Yes, a lot of wine tasting going on,' laughed Fred Lee, owner operator of Elite Seats.

Lee has owned and operated Elite Seats for 16 years now. Great name, but not so great a job, according to Joe.

The Elite Seats crew showed Joe the ins and outs of port-a-potty detail.

Preferably the outs more than the ins, if you catch my drift, according to Joe.

'Well the most fun is you get to ride around and go to different places and see different people. The worst part of the job is dumping the truck and the smell,' admitted David Williams who has worked for Elite Seats for four years.

And Joe totally agrees! The most fun is getting out and meeting people. The least fun on this Joe's Job was actually doing the job. Crews will have 150 seats to worry about at Harborfest. Joe says that's too much for yours truly.

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