What is it? reinforced cotton fabric that covers your mid-section. It allows you to move around without exposing your waist, belly or rear view, even if your shirt is too short.

What does it claim? to be the ultimate layering accessory that allows you to layer your look without the bulk

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and owner of Bloom Florist Patrice Dupuis

What Are The Instructions? You really don't need a lot of instructions with this product. Trendy Tops come two to a box. Just pick the color you want underneath your shirt. To put it on, you either put it over your head or step into it, whichever is easiest

Make sure you position it where you want it. It should be under your top shirt but also long enough to cover the top of your pants. Basically just make sure your mid-section is covered and your Trendy Top is snug and secure.

Put your shirt over your Trendy Top and you've got the layered look plus you can bend, reach or sit with confidence.

If you need a cami, Trendy Top can double as that, too. You just pull it up and wear it kind of like a tube top under your shirt.

Trendy Top is also machine washable.

Did it work? Dupuis said Trendy Tops does do what it promises. She didn't really think the look was one that worked with her style, at least when it came to covering up the mid-section.

When she tried Trendy Top as a camisole, she liked it much better. So, overall, a thumbs up to Trendy Tops.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our Trendy Tops at Target for $10.99. It comes in a package of two.

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