What is it? a hands-free adjustable headset

What does it claim? to work with all phones and make you hands-free in a second with no batteries or wires

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Andrea Bear. She's the busy owner and president of Bear in Mind Strategies, a marketing and video production company.

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not your phone needs the 'suction sticker,' which is included. If your phone has a smooth, high-gloss surface, you don't need it. Otherwise, you'll need it.

Before you adhere the sticker to your phone, make sure the phone surface is clean. You should wipe it with a cloth to eliminate fingerprints and dust. Then peel off the sticker backing and attach it to your phone.

Where you place the sticker depends on your phone. For flip phones, put it about halfway down on the top part of your phone. On your smart phone or home phone, place it about a third the way down the back. Make sure not to cover your phone's camera lens if it has one and make sure your battery compartment can still be opened.

The adhesive 'suction sticker' can only be applied once, so be careful to place it properly. You should allow 12 hours for the sticker to fully bond to your phone surface before using.

Now you're ready to use your GoJo headset. First, press the suction cup of the headset onto the 'suction sticker' or the phone surface. Make sure to press tightly to ensure a proper seal. For best results, be sure the sticker, suction cup and phone backing are clean. With the phone attached, place the GoJo headset onto your head and adjust to fit. Now you can move around and do what you need to and still talk on the phone without having to hold it. If you need to remove, take the headset off your head and pinch the suction cup until it separates from the phone or sticker.

Did it work? Bear found that the GoJo lived up to its claim. It fit on all the phones she uses, although she said it was really awkward with her home phone. It worked much better with her cell phone. She had to use the 'suction sticker' and found that it really helped keep her phone in place while she was wearing the GoJo headset. Even though Bear found that GoJo works, she says she probably wouldn't use it. She found it to be a little cumbersome. She plans to just keep using the speaker feature on her phone when she needs to go 'hands-free.'

Cost/Availability? You can purchase GoJo at Target for $9.99. You get two headsets for that price.

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