NORFOLK -- In the latest Joe's Job task, 13News anchor Joe Flanagan was training under Andrew Bargy who started the Seven Cities Rickshaws company six years ago.

It wasn't long before he had Joe pedaling along Main Street in downtown Norfolk.

Bargy and his staff of rotating drivers spent two years getting permits to work in Norfolk. So far, the pedicab service is being met with open arms.

'I think they're great. They're convenient. They're fun. It's a great thing to have downtown,' said rider Amy Brown.

Joe's first customer wanted him to drop her off at Plaza Azteca on Granby Street for lunch. He found he was really getting into the job.

The drivers all work for tips only.

'Actually, the tips system works out to our advantage most of the time. You would be surprised how generous people are especially when they know that we're pedaling and not using motors like other companies,' said Ed Almazan, driver for Seven Cities Rickshaws.

The company started in Sandbridge and operates at Town Center in Virginia Beach and now in Norfolk.

'I park my car over here, because I had a place to park and there isn't any parking on Granby, so saw Ed and said 'Hey can I get a ride,'' explained rider Christine Ward.

'The elderly - we also cater to them because a lot of them have problems moving around. It's not easy for them to move from place to place, especially in this area,' added Almazan.

So how would Joe do as a Seven Cities Rickshaw driver?

'Perfect! Start tomorrow, Joe,' offered Bargy. But Joe declined, saying 'Too hot!'

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