CHESAPEAKE -- Life changed in an instant for Joshuah Naghiu.

He was horsing around with a friend in the garage when the friend got him in a headlock and took him down. He went down hard on the concrete floor.

Joshua recalls feeling a little tingling, then nothing that day in April 2010. The freak accident crushed his C5 and fractured his C4.

Doctors had to fuse the vertebrae and his nerve endings are damaged.

The improvement in the movement of his hands has been because of his own determination to practice his therapy. He does crunches everyday until his muscles respond to what his brain is demanding. It worked. His torso can move slightly allowing him to lean forward and backward.

He's in a wheelchair and hopes one day to get an RT300 bicycle, which is supposed to stimulate up to 10 muscle groups to prevent atrophy. That's important because he and his home health nurse believe he'll walk again.

'Iknow it's just a matter of time. I believe in my heart that he's going to walk again,'says TonyaFeagans.

She and Joshuah have become best of friend, finding joy in everything from walks to teaching him things we take for granted, like tooth brushing.

The bike costs $21,000 and there's a Website that tells you more about his journey to recovery and how you can help raise the money.

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