NORFOLK - One of the Navy's newest ships stopped in Norfolk Friday on its way to her commissioning ceremony in Galveston, Texas.

Fort Worth will conduct helicopter training with the Afloat Training Group, the Navy said.

The ship is the third Littoral Combat Ship in the fleet and will be homeported in San Diego following its commissioning next month.

The first stop LCss have had their problems - delays, cost overruns and cracks. A Pentagon report stated the 'LCS is not expected to be survivable in a hostile combat environment.'

Fort Worth will be manned by two rotational crews composed of up to 75 Sailors, depending on the mission, as well as any aviation detachments.

'I wouldn't trade it for the world. I picked these orders specifically for the crew size and the missions we have here. It's something new and I wanted to be part of it,' said GMC-Select Dave Daigle.

The Littoral Combat Ship is a high-speed, agile, shallow-draft vessel designed to operate near-shore, but it can deploy for open-ocean operations.

'We were taking it on some high speed runs and I've never been on something on the water that moves like this thing does. It's awesome,' added STG1 Tomas Garcia.

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