VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Commanding Officer of the Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic at Oceana has been relieved of duty.

Captain James CoBell III was relieved Thursday after the Navy said it lost confidence in his ability to command.

The Navy cited an investigation that showed he made subordinates do favors for him, used abusive language and didn't account for personal leave.

CoBell sent an email to 13 News, saying:

''The reason for this investigation were allegations of fraud, waste and abuse and hostile work environment. These allegations were found to be unsustantiated by the Investigating Officer, who completed a thorough investigation. Further, my command climate assessments during my tenure as both Exeutive and Commanding Officer were well within Navy norms and revealed no significant problems. I have not been provided with an explanation of the reason for my reassignment, so cannot comment further. I'm extremely proud of the accomplishments of all the miitary and civilian members of the Fleet Readiness Center under my command, and believe we successfully completed our mission and achieved a demonstrated record of excellence. It has been a great privilege to serve with them.'

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