PORTSMOUTH-- A Portsmouth man says he chased down and tacked a suspected burglar he saw running from his home Friday night.

Troy Shahan took off running after a man when he came home and believed someone had broken into his home.

'I lost my cool and went after him,' said Shahan. 'I heard the chain-link fence rattle and I knew one of them was running from my neighbor's house.'

Shahan says he chased the suspected burglar for blocks through the Portsmouth neighborhood off Green Street, hopping over fences before wrestling the man to the ground.

'We got into this cul-de-sac where I'd never been before and that's when I tackled him on the street,' said Shahan.

While waiting for police to arrive, Troy realized the suspected burglar looked familiar. He says it was the same guy who'd asked him to borrow a trash bag hours before.

'I think the joke was that he was going to steal my stuff and put it in the bag that I gave him,' said Shahan.

Police say 19-year-old Michael Anthony Faison of the 1100 block of 5th St. broke into the home through a back window using a loose brick. He allegedly stole various computer equipment.

Faison was detained by Shahan until police arrived and took him into custody. Faison is charged with burglary.

Shahan said he did worry that the suspect could have a weapon or kill him, but his instincts took over.

'It just hurt me so bad. It made me so angry that somebody would take what I worked so hard for, everything that I've got,' said Shahan.

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