What is it? A vintage style lantern with new LED technology.

What does it claim? To be durable, stay cool to the touch and provide LED lighting from a shatter proof dome.

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident, mother of three and Girl Scout Service Unit volunteer Amy Simpson.

What are the instructions? It's important to note that two 'D' batteries are needed to make this product work. First, install the batteries when the lantern is turned off by turning the lantern upside down and pressing the Release Tab Button to open the Battery Compartment Door. Now insert two 'D' cell batteries being sure to follow the positive and negative symbols indicated on the inside of the compartment. Next, close the Battery Compartment Door and you're ready to use your Olde Brooklyn Lantern. Turn the On/Off/Dimmer Switch one click clockwise to turn on the lantern. Continue to turn the switch clockwise to increase the brightness of the lantern. When you're finished using the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, be sure to turn it off so you don't waste the battery.

Did it work? Our tester thought it did a great job, exactly what it promised. Simpson was impressed with how lightweight the lantern is and for safety reasons she really liked that it provided a lot of light without an open flame. She said she would definitely add it to her camping kit and even her hurricane supply kit. The dimmer switch seemed to be her favorite feature, but the durability of it was also impressive, especially when she knocked it off the table several times to check the 'shatter proof' claim. The battery compartment did get knocked open but no shattering of the dome.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Olde Brooklyn Lantern for $12.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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