VIRGINIA BEACH - Voters in Virginia's 2nd District decided to return Scott Rigell to Washington.

The Republican won his second term by beating challenger Democrat Paul Hirschbiel.

'What an amazing journey it's been,' he said in his acceptance speech, adding 'The results are in and we won.'

Hirshbiel was out at Betty F. Williams Elementary School Tuesday night to encourage people to stay in line and vote. He also had hot coffee for those still waiting and who could be in line for another two hours.

He talked about his call to congratulate Rep. Rigell.

'I expressed to him in my voicemail to him, because I wasn't able to get through to him, was that he's gotta live up to these promises (of being bipartisan) and we're going to be watching him.'

The 2nd District encompasses all of Virginia Beach, Accomack and Northampton Counties along with parts of Norfolk, Hampton and Newport News.

The incumbents in other Hampton Roads districts also were re-elected Tuesday. Democrat Rep. Bobby Scott will represent the 3rd District and Republicans Rep. Randy Forbes and Rep. Rob Wittman will go to Washington from the 4th and 1st Districts, respectively.

Scott said the first thing on his agenda will be to reduce the deficit.

'We're not going to solve this dilemma by talking about reducing the size of government with unspecified cuts. You got to put numbers on line items and that's what I've been doing. I've shown how you can come up with 4-trillion dollars in deficit reduction. It'll take over 10-years to get the budget under control,' he said.

Elsewhere in Virginia, the state's longest-serving congressman, 10th District Republican Frank Wolf, wins 17th term, the Associated Press reported.

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