NEWPORT NEWS - Investigators say the smell of smoke alerted one person to fire, allowing him to get the family out of their Newport News home.

They say the smoke detector in the 30th Street home didn't sound, so it was lucky someone was awake to sound the alarm around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

Firefighters say smoke and flames were coming from the second floor, the attic and roof, like sparked by an electrical problem.

The Red Cross is helping the family.

The Fire Department will install free smoke detectors for any Newport News homeowner. Just call the 'Smoke Detector Hotline' at 926-8009 to make arrangements.

Elsewhere in the city Friday, two people were displaced when fire broke out in the kitchen of their townhouse.

Investigators say the Circuit Lane fire was likely caused by improperly discarded smoking material.

The two people weren't hurt and they're being helped by the Red Cross.

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