NORFOLK A state lawmaker wants to change how cities use red light cameras.

Del. Joe Morrissey (D-74th District/Richmond) says too many localities are using them to catch people who make rolling stops at red lights, not just drivers who blow through them. In an interview with, he calls the practice abusive and a scheme to get money.

He also says there's no research to prove rolling stops cause accidents and he's concerned that localities no longer have to submit crash data before getting approval to install them.

He'll introduce legislation to ban the PhotoSafe cameras during the upcoming General Assembly session, which begins in January.

Several Hampton Roads cities have the cameras up and running Va. Beach, Chesapeake and Newport News. Norfolk is nearly ready to install them.

Barbara Driscoll, who received a ticket for a rolling right turn off Virginia Beach Blvd., said despite the ticket, she says possibly banning the cameras is a bad idea.

'I went on vacation and came home to a $50 fine,' Driscoll said. 'But it's a reminder. I stop every single time now.'

A report on, states the best way to avoid a problem with red-light camera tickets is to come to a complete stop at red lights.

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