ACCOMACK CO -- State police were investigating yet another fire Friday morning that burned through a vacant house Thursday night.

The house, located in the 2300 block of Front Street was severely burned by the fire, which police have called an arson.

Anita Johnson owns the house and says it was built in the early 1800's. Her home is called 'The Cottage' and is listed as a historical home on the Eastern Shore.

'I wasn't concerned about the house cause it didn't fit the profile. It was in town and it was not abandoned. It had heat and electricity and all that, so you think you're safe,' says Johnson.

Johnson has owned the house for 16 years and used it for storage. She had contractors working to restore the house a little bit at a time with the hopes of eventually fully restoring it to its original grandeur.

Johnson says when she learned of the fire last night she wasn't worried about her own loss but the danger to first responders.

'You know I couldn't sleep all night. I was just worried that a fire fighter would get injured this close to Christmas because the winds were bad, it was a bad storm,' says Johnson.

This is just the latest in a string of over 30 arsons in the area since November.

No one has been hurt in any of the fires, and police have not named a suspect.

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